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Company Background

TransMagic, Inc., based in Westminster, Colorado, USA, is a leading developer of uniquely packaged 3D CAD translation software and interoperability products. The company was founded in 2001 by CAD/CAM data experts to solve the CAD incompatibility and 3D multi-CAD data exchange problems facing the manufacturing industry.
Sample Classes TransMagic, Inc. develops products that offer easy native and neutral 3D CAD translation and product data interoperability. Our team of experts has combined 3D CAD translation, geometry repair, 3D model viewing and collaboration technologies to create a unique line of 3D CAD interoperability tools.Our mission is to help the design, engineering and manufacturing industries bridge the 3D CAD interoperability gap with easy-to-use products to enhance communication of multi-CAD data across the global enterprise. Our products reduce manufacturing errors, lower operating costs, increase design efficiency, improve communication between departments and vendors, speed time to market and enhance competitive advantage for our clients.
CAD Formats TransMagic EXPERTprovides the most complete support for 3D design files. With more than 165 translation options including CATIA V4 and V5, TransMagic EXPERT is the perfect tool for companies working in multi-CAD environments or manufacturing supply chains.TransMagic ELEMENToffers high quality access to most major CAD file types including Pro/E, Unigraphics, NX, Inventor and SolidWorks, plus the versatility of data exchange between hundreds of applications using the robust  ACIS and Parasolid based formats.
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