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3D Scanners, Software and Contract Services for Reverse Engineering, Inspection and Rapid Prototyping

Company Background

Since 1990, NVision has earned a strong leadership position in the 3D digitizing industry.With a wide range of non-contact 3D scanners, we have the correct solution for your digitizing needs. Whether reverse engineering your product or fitting a comprehensive inspection solution to your requirements, we have a solution. For outsourced 3D scanning, NVision offers a full range of contract services designed around your specifications. Through our proprietary and patented tools, NVision has earned an impressive list of long-term clients. We are proud of the companies we keep.
Product List

NVision offers a full range of hardware and software solutions to meet any reverse engineering requirement.

  • The HandHeld Scanner is a revolutionary portable scanning device which is capable of capturing 3D geometry.
  • The MAXOS Scanner is based on proven technology developed specifically for the 3D inspection  of turbine blades.
  • MobileScan 3D automates the process of 3D object scanning allowing efficient repeatable inspection in a production environment
Clients Include BMW, Ford, Freightliner, Lear Corporation , NASA, Honda
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