A Total CAD/CAM Solution Provider – Buyer Beware

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A Total CAD/CAM Solution Provider – Buyer Beware

1 Walking into hundreds of engineering and manufacturing firms over the past 10 years it has always amazed me that there’s such a disconnect between departments. The CAD team does their thing. They may volley their paper drawings over the wall to the manufacturing team who manually programs g-code on a CNC machine.  Sales is working with the prospect trying to win a job.  Marketing is busy using another software for website design and creating brochures for trade shows. Purchasing is manually entering in part numbers to place an order into their ERP System.  The Doc Clerk is running back and forth to the paper Vault to track down previous client orders …. The list goes on.  I call it the “separate silo syndrome”.
2 The beauty with CAD/CAM/PLM technology today is that now these processes can be seamelessly tied together (in most cases). Repurposing data for downstream use is critical in any organization today.  Multiple teams collaborating over the internet in real-time on a project. Taking the 3D CAD data, and the intelligence that goes along with it, to create digital prototypes of how a product will look and act before it’s actually made by incorporating Finite Element – Simulation tools.  Marketing teams leveraging the 3D CAD model that engineering built to create stunning photo realistic renderings and animations of their products, while the fab department takes that 3D model directly into a CAM package to create g-code and tool path to cut parts.  Servers acting as the virtual hub managing data and inventory tracking to dish out information to any team member connected to it, allowing departments and outside contractors to work together while holding each other accountable to get the job done on time, and right the first time.
3 Today, this is all more affordable, scalable and attainable than it ever was before. And most of all, to compete in today’s fast paced, price sensitive world you have to stay abreast of these technologies and incorporate them into your workflow or you will be out of business.  Tread lightly though when it comes to bringing all of these pieces together, because there are a lot of products from many different vendors who all want your money and claim they’re the best.  Besides educating yourself on the technology, you need to buddy up with an unbiased reputable company who has the knowledge to bring the right solutions and suppliers together so there’s no finger pointing down the road when a hiccup does happen.
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5 Author: Ken Wilson- CAD/CAM Industry Veteran

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