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Company Background

Our quest to find a better way to integrate CAD/CAM and scanned physical objects for faster and more accurate reverse engineering and measurement goes back to 1986. We were founded to provide reliable, time-saving CAD/CAM integrated reverse engineering solutions to anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Since then we have become the leader in the effort to integrate the digital and physical worlds.

Enable the CAD World to ‘Go Native’ – develops and markets plug-and-play software tool sets that quickly and accurately imports raw digitized data from portable CMMs and laser scanners into CAD/CAM systems as native data for parametric sketches.  Our newest interface, HighRES Integrated Pointcloud Processor (HIPP), provides the ability to natively import scanned into CAD systems as parametric sketches that can be modified into 3D models.

Service Offerings software is integrated in SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Autocad, Autodesk Mechanical, Solid Edge, Pro/Engineer, Siemens NX, Rhinoceros , KeyCreator and Mastercam.This software is a plug-in that can be found as an icon in your native CAD tool bar.  It’s that simple.  All the tools you need for data collection, direct with your digitizing arm into your CAD application, are right at your fingertips.  Simply use the digitizer instead of the mouse to reverse engineer your mold, model or part.  Digitize native entities at this point while seamlessly working with your digitizer direct in native CAD.Clients include: Intel, General Mills, Microsoft, 3M, Clear Channel, Xerox, Accenture
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