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The Alcove9 suite of solutions provides on-premise advanced search solutions for teams to resolve the daily challenges of data accessibility. Since its initial release in the mid-2000s, it has helped more than 100 companies and 120,000 users quickly and easily find, view and use their data for timely decision-making and data reuse. Search results include information from deep within each file, independent of its content, format or location. No data migration or client-side installation is required, negating costly implementations and disruptive deployments.
Products and Services You’ve searched everywhere and still haven’t found what you’re looking for.  Introducing a new kind of search.Productivity often suffers from time wasted by knowledge workers searching for the right information or document. Alcove9’s search features capture and find the data your employees need to increase efficiency in the workplace.Enterprises work with a substantial amount of data and need comprehensive indexing and classification from their search queries. Alcove9′s native search helps make data access and management easy and fast with its full-text search that goes beyond metadata and file attributes, giving your office a single point of access for more than 40 file types.

Now, open source solutions combined with out-of-the-box CAD visualizations functionality gives your PLM or CAD search the deluxe treatment with a9 Global Search for all your engineering and manufacturing data. This robust, enterprise search engine delivers relevant company information at lightning speed with contextual matching, automatic metadata and visual results while remaining a platform for building custom search-driven connectors.

Our support subscription tiers give your enterprise the support and service your search server needs regardless of size. Our easy implementation provides a rapid deployment of IT support so you benefit from increased workplace productivity immediately as well as improving your ROI by lowering operational costs. Alcove9’s products offer powerful performance, affordable pricing, and a diligent, expert support staff.

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