Who We Are and What We Do


Company Background

CAD/CAM Connect is an Austin, Texas based company which launched in September 2012. 

Who we are  – Industry Advisors

With over 15 years of experience in the CAD/CAM industry and thousands of engineering and supplier contacts, CAD/CAM Connect partners with top suppliers and industry experts to create a one-stop destination for educational content, industry forums and user reviews. Everything from CAM software, CNC machines, 3D printers, CAD training, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, FEA-CFD simulation software, translators, ERP, 3D part catalogs, contract CAD help, job placement and more … all in one place. It’s FAST. EASY. And FREE. 

What we do - Offer Guidance

CAD/CAM Connect helps mechanical engineers, machinists and design professionals make better decisions on CAD/CAM products and services.

  • We’re a curator of great content from a variety of sources to help educate.
  • We’re a “matchmaker-advisor” directing you to the right people and products for your job.
  • We’re knowledgeable, responsive and passionate about manufacturing and making you successful.

Why use us - Make better decisions

Discouraged with the research and purchasing process of design and manufacturing products, lack of knowledge and customer support, Ken Wilson created CAD/CAM Connect as an all-encompassing platform combining years of research from the trenches, top products, industry news, user reviews and advisors from around the globe.  From woodworking to metalworking to animations and simulations, … you’re covered with one call.

“Ken and his team of experts truly understand the industry and are genuinely interested in helping the end user find the best solution for their job.”  — Steve Kersen, CEO of NVision

Through its high quality network, the valuable content it shares, and unbeatable industry expertise, CAD/CAM Connect aims to become the first resource engineers and machinists think of when they are ready to research products or suppliers online.

“We are consultants first, and an online resource second.  It’s a win-win-win, all around.  The end user saves time and validates their decision before they cut a check, the supplier establishes a relationship they may have never had, and we fulfill our mission of helping people make better decisions on their CAD/CAM business technology needs.” — Ken Wilson, Founder-CEO

About the FounderKen Wilson - CAD-CAM connect Ken Wilson is a CAD-CAM Manufacturing Software veteran with nearly 15 years of experience in the VAR “Value Added Reseller” Channel. Through the years, Ken has literally thousands of both engineering and supplier contacts. He is best known for bringing parties together to solve problems and create winning relationships.

Ken is also a contributing columnist for several online engineering and manufacturing communities, including : Inventor, Solidworks, CATIA, Solidedge and Pro/E-Creo.

Ken is the go-to person for his clients whenever they need recommendations on suppliers. This ultimately led to the creation of CAD/CAM Connect. Ken’s mission is to provide a destination for both users and suppliers to connect and share success.

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